Middle East grown accurate GHG Calculation and Management

CO2MENA is a Middle East focused digital solution for GHG accounting and carbon footprint measurement to aid organizations into reaching their Net Zero targets.

Who We Are


CO2MENA is the first carbon accounting tool developed in the Middle East with particular on the region’s economic ecosystem. Carbon accounting enables organizations to measure, report, and manage their greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability while unlocking economic advantages. 


Environmental Sustainability

Low - Carbon economy

Our Solutions

CO2MENA digital solutions work at three levels:

Spend and Consumption data extract

CO2 emissions calculator, covering

AI engine for categorization.

What we do


Deliver a homegrown carbon accounting solution aiding organizations into achieving Net Zero, differentiated by a closer and deeper understanding of the local and regional context.

CO2MENA Digital Solution

CO2MENA works to provide solutions to measure, manage and report on CO2 emissions.


‘Accuracy’ is the key word in CO2MENA’s mission.

Why CO2 Accounting?

We are all responsible to contribute positively.

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